Love Winks

How do you receive love winks? If you believe that someone or something is on the other side looking out for you, regardless of what you call it – God, Angels, Spirit, the Universe, Buddha, Jesus, the Ascended Masters – how do you experience that love?

One of the ways I experience it is through numbers. I see 44 on a jersey, I say hi to my angels. I see 4:44 and say an excited prayer of thanks to God. The bingo caller says “N 44!”, and I smile. There have been multiple times that I have been assigned position 44 on Southwest boarding passes.

So here we are, on vacation, in Florida, for Thanksgiving, and I have a cold. Last Saturday, the sore throat, cough, and congestion set in. A week later, and I still don’t feel great.

I took myself to lunch today while the boys napped (they have colds too). “Oh, so you don’t feel great, but you’re good enough to go out,” you wonder? Yes, and I even got dressed up for the occasion – I put a bra on under my pajamas.

Anyway, as I gathered my things to leave the restaurant, I decided to stop by Walgreens across the street to buy a new lip color. Odd, considering I could’ve gone straight back to the condo to catch some zzzs myself, but no, the new lip color sounded like fun, and I like to follow fun.

Within a couple of minutes at Walgreens, I found the perfect color. The cashier rang me up, and the total was $2.56.

Was that a letdown for you? Did you think I was going to say $4.44? Stick with me. There’s major significance here.

Every once in a while this number crosses my path. It’s my dad’s birthday – February of 1956. For the 26 years that I knew him, his license plates said WHIT256.

My dad just winked at me. Despite having a week-long cold, I feel great.


One of life’s little lovelies – the little things that have a big impact.

Numbers. That’s how I receive love winks. How about you?

ps: I’m hitting “publish” on this post at 2:56 central time. Coincidence? No way. Hi Dad!


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