Are You Green with Envy or Tickled Pink?

What if every time you catch yourself thinking “Well that must be nice,” you intentionally correct yourself and say, “Well good for them.”

What if, instead of saying, “I’m so jealous!” even if you’re saying it with a smile, you deliberately change your words to, “I’m so happy for you!”

The snide scoffs imply grudges, that your life is harder or unfair. It’s a holding on to what isn’t good for you. Let go. Let go of begrudging others. It helps no one, least of all you.

Delight for another – acknowledging what you like, even if it’s happening to someone else – is expansive. It opens up room for more. It’s a signal, a green light, a go ahead. Proceed with that fabulousness. Yes!

It’s a subtle, simple shift from bitter undertones to celebratory overtures. After awhile, you don’t even have to think about it. Your automatic reaction becomes genuine happiness…and that feels a heck of a lot better for all parties involved, yourself included.

The next time you catch yourself in that crotchety, crusty, curmudgeon space, make a conscious effort to shift to applauding, wide-smiled enthusiasm.



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