When The Fear of Nothing Becomes Nothing

Sometimes I’m reluctant to write because I’m afraid nothing will come out. So what do I do? I don’t write. And in doing so, the one thing I feared has come true – nothing comes out.

Have you fallen into this trap too?

Maybe you’re apprehensive of investing a small percentage of each paycheck because you’re afraid of being broke by the month’s end. Keep not investing, and by the time you hit retirement age, what will you be? Broke.

Or, perhaps you’re hesitant to apply for a desirable job or audition for your favorite show because you’re afraid of being turned down. So, you don’t submit the paperwork. You don’t show up. And what happens? You can’t get it.

When you’re afraid of an outcome of nothing and you let that fear dictate your actions, you will get nothing every time.

I’ve been reluctant to write lately. Today, I identified the fear. When I saw it, I grabbed it by the hand and brought it with me to my laptop. This post is what came out.


The fear of nothing – of having nothing or being nothing – materializes by doing nothing.

If you get up and act anyway, the fear of nothing becomes nothing.

It goes away, at least for the time being.

Now isn’t that something?


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