Weeper or Warrior: Telling Your Story

I had an interesting conversation yesterday about how to share a story that starts out bleak. In this case, sexual abuse as a child that happened to a woman who’s now full grown (and whose life has become much happier).

The truth is we all have stories with bleaker hues, and some stories are dark. But they don’t have to remain as such.

The difference comes in the recounting – whether it’s told as a sob story or an empowerment piece. Whether it’s the victim’s weepy lament or a warrior’s victory march.

Whatever your sob story is – abuse of any form, a severe accident causing a life altering injury, violence, a diagnosis, a natural disaster, loss a loved one, etc – it becomes a line of demarcation. My life before and my life since.

You can’t go through that kind of trauma unchanged, but you can go through it – literally experience it and come out on the other side – because you are not it. You are not the shit that happened to you. You aren’t. You are your response to the shit.

You can sob. And weep. And blame. And be stuck on that demarcation line forever…
Please don’t get stuck. Please don’t let your sadness glue you to the spot.

There’s good in this world. There’s kindness. There’s even joy. I promise it’s there. It’s all there for you. Waiting for you. Not despite what happened…but because of it…if you’re willing to get up.

Like a warrior from battle, rise. Show some grit. Some drive. I dare you to be so bold as to show your willingness to thrive. There’s momentum there. Can you feel it?

We are the storytellers of our own lives. We don’t get to decide all of the occurrences, but we can decide the moral of the story. We can determine the takeaway.

What’s your story? Weeper or warrior? That’s up to you.


2 thoughts on “Weeper or Warrior: Telling Your Story

  1. gloria eichenauer says:

    Both. I weeped and weeped and weeped ~ there was so much in there that wanted out. I’d pushed down emotions for a lifetime and when the flood gates opened they all came rising to the surface. It felt good and scary.
    Now, I’m rising. I am transcending my story without apology. I see my gifts and feel my strength and move into spaces my mind fears. That feels like warrior energy to me.

    I named my business Rise N Shine — i believe we came here to do this.


    • Jamie Muscato says:

      As I read your comment, I thought, “This is a warrior’s story.” Without those tears, without the weeping, you’d have had nothing to rise from. And look at you…I believe the same. xo


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