Human Highlights: Holy Halitosis

Human Highlights is a Sunday tradition at Commode To Joy. It’s a friendly reminder to forgive your human moments, celebrate the highlights, and enjoy life’s little lovelies in the interim.


Human Moment: Tuesday Morning – Mark and Miller were awake and in the living room when I emerged from the bedroom like a bear from hibernation. I’m not a morning person.

Normally, I head straight for the coffee. Instead, I went to the couch to sit next to Miller.

“Good morning,” I said while giving him a squeeze.

“Mommy, go away!”

“Why buddy?”

“Uhhhh!” he said running to the furthest chair from the couch. “Mommy, you stink!”

“I do not!” I protested.

“Yes you do!”

I couldn’t figure it out. I mean, I hadn’t farted or anything. And then it dawned on me. My breath. Zero parts of me is a morning person, breath included. For a long time I’ve been thankful that Mark has a poor sense of smell. Apparently the same can’t be said for Miller. To confirm my suspicions, I walked over to the chair.

“Miller, I think it’s my breath. Smell,” I said before blowing dead dragon straight in his face.

“MOOOOOM!!! Go Away You Stink!!!”

I got some sort of stinkerish satisfaction (no pun intended, I swear) from breathing in his face. It’s like a second cousin to dutch-ovening someone.

By the way, he’s sent me away from him two other times this week. Once was completely unfounded; he’d just woken from his nap and accused me of just waking up too. I hadn’t, and my breath was *normal, thank you very much.

Also, this morning I was the first awake. When Miller started stirring, I went into his room to say good morning. He asked me to lie next to him, and then cautiously added, “But mommy, keep your mouth closed so you don’t breathe on me.”


Highlight: It’s not very often I have a pic of my highlight. This week I do.

Tuesday evening, the three of us went to the park. We were the only ones there (what?! how?), the weather was perfect – mid 70s and still – and the sunset was on point. Afterwords we stopped by Dairy Queen and took hot fudge sundaes to my mom’s house. If I could script my idyllic summer evening, this is it.


The eastern sky, as if mirroring the west bound sun.


Life’s Little Lovelies: Miller and I went outside this morning while Mark slept. He requested that I draw all of his vehicles and encouraged me every step of the way. Considering I haven’t taken an art class since 1998, I think I did okay. (Just pay the most attention to Thomas.)

Chalk Vehicles

Sidewalk chalk = instajoy for me.

What are your Human Highlights from the week?

*Technically, halitosis refers to chronic bad breath, not just the morning stink. For the record, I don’t have halitosis…but it made for a catchy blog title, so I went with it.

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