Drop the Disclaiming “W” in Women’s Sports Leagues

I’m reading Abby Wambach’s memoir Forward, and one word – more specifically, one letter – flares up a long time personal irritation:¬†The disclaiming “W” in front of WUSA.

“W” precedes sports leagues as if warning the viewers they’re about to watch women play. It suggests that men are the sport and women are the subs. The others.¬†Either drop the “W” or take cues from soccer’s U.S. National Teams who designate teams equally using MNT and WNT.

I hear Chicago and know the Cubs and White Sox are baseball, the Bears are football, the Blackhawks are hockey, the Bulls and the Sky are basketball, and the Fire and the Red Stars are soccer.

Let city names and mascots differentiate teams for all sports regardless of gender.

Let women’s sports be enough without subcategorizing them.

Let women be enough.


Thank you to Abby Wambach for being a true leader, not just in soccer, not just in sports, but for all females, women and girls alike.


Normally Sundays on Commode To Joy are reserved for Human Highlights. This installment takes precedence today.

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