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Acu-Puncturing Old Habits

Truth time. Until the past couple of weeks, I had barley worked out for a YEAR. This, coming from the gal who was as committed to my workout routine as I was washing my face at night. #religiously

Here’s the dealio. I carried a soreness in my right shoulder blade for a couple of years. Think tension pain even when you aren’t stressed.

As it went unchecked, it traveled right on up my neck until eventually, some of my favorite workout moves (I’m looking at you, handstand push-ups) catapulted the hurt to a whole new level. We’re talking those stick-on heating things and Ibuprofen around the clock for a few days after a workout until the muscle would calm down again. It took me just three times to correlate the pain with HSPUs…and rather than modify the move? I walked away from CrossFit.

In the past year I’ve worked out around 20 times total, and guess what? Well yeah, I feel like Flabby McFlabberson lathered in weak sauce, but also, the pain has persisted.

In January — after about six months of deliberation — I finally called a local chiropractor who’s gotten to the bottom of it. Do you know what’s notorious for flaring up this muscle of mine? Typing. On a computer. And I’m sure as shit not walking away from that.

Electrical stimulation and adjustments have helped a lot, but what has made the big difference is acupuncture.

Had you asked me ten years ago if I’d willingly let someone stick needles in me and leave them in for a while, I’d’ve said hell no. (Does anyone else have foreign body freak outs?)

With acupuncture, the needle sensation is less than a mosquito bite (plus it doesn’t sting/itch) and if I hold still, I can’t even tell they’re there. A few twenty-minute rounds of this has left me feeling better than I’ve felt in years.

I can turn at my neck instead of at my waist, a point I didn’t realize I had gotten to until suddenly I had mobility back. And guess what else? I’m back at CrossFit. Sweet Jesus does it ever feel good to move a barbell again.

It also feels good working out next to this guy again.

It’s all thanks to picking up the phone and making one simple call. “Hi, my name is Jamie. I’ve been having pain in my right shoulder blade.”

You know the saying shit or get off the pot? I must really enjoying pot sitting, cause what took six months of deliberation — should I call a chiropractor? You should call a chiropractor. But should I call a chiropractor? took less than one minute of doing.

I know full well it isn’t just me who does this either.

What is it in your life that you’ve been hem-hawing about? What have you been considering for months — or maybe even years — without actually doing something about?

Take it from me: Doing takes significantly less time than deliberating. If you try something and it doesn’t work? It’s still progress. It’s more than you knew from your vantage point on the metaphorical throne.

So no more. No more ignoring, debating, and justifying why “you’re fine, it’s fine, we’re fine.” Acu-puncture those old habits. Make the decision. Start doing.

It’s time to get off the pot.

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  1. I really liked your comment “if you try something and it doesn’t work it’s still progress.” There isn’t a one size fits all answer when we run into injuries and heath challenges. Thanks for the perspective!

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