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Announcing My First eBook

Greetings Commode To Joyers!

Nearly one year ago, I finished writing a book called Survival Mode: A Nurturer’s Journey.

Originally, I’d hoped to get it published. It’s short, and it’s a major genre chameleon, which makes it tricky to pitch. Nonetheless, I sent off queries and cover letters pitching to the best of my abilities.

As time went by, finding a traditional publisher seemed unlikely. I wasn’t interested in self-publishing, because I didn’t want the upfront cost. I also didn’t want to scrap the project; its message is too important to go unshared.

My solution? I’ve formatted it (completely by myself thank you very much!!!) into a mini ebook. In one month – Jan 1 – I’ll be launching Survival Mode here, on Commode To Joy. Those interested may download it for $3 to your device.

I’ve included the first page or so below to give you a taste of what’s to come. Give it a read, mark your calendars, and tell your friends. I’ll make another announcement here when it’s available for purchase.

Thanks, as always, for your love and support.

Excerpt from Survival Mode: A Nurturer’s Journey

Chapter 1: Arrival To Survival

My foot pressed steady on the accelerator. Long gone were the laid back days of scenic drives; I was trying to escape my problems, my own life, actually, which felt like one big problem. The dashboard was illuminated with the warning lights and dings that surrounded me in all areas of life. I noticed the symbolism and promptly dismissed it, knowing a breakdown would be inevitable.

There I stood on the side of the road, agitated and with no other vehicles in sight except for my useless pile of junk. Smoke billowed from under the hood until it was lost against the dreary afternoon sky. The “Snarky” voice in my mind pointed out my negligence.

That’s what you get for being so careless. Heaven forbid you do something sensible and heed the signs that are flashing in your face.

Snarky is a loose cannon at best and a sharp tongue at worst. Sometimes its advice is useful, other times it’s awful, but always it’s snarky. It also wasn’t finished with its lecture.

Why do you insist on learning everything the hard way?

“It would have been inconvenient, and nearly impossible, to continue driving anyway,” I stated matter-of-factly, zipping my jacket against a cold mist. I kicked the car tire nearest me, shoved my hands in my pockets, and started walking.


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  1. Can’t wait!!!

  2. “I’m in, need to hear more Snarky!” Love that name, mood is set!

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