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Bedtime Books: A Tip of the Slongue

Bedtime. Our routine, which starts around 9:30, includes reading three books. Since it’s the final thing Mark & I do with Miller before turning the lights out, books before bed can feel like a victory lap or a death march depending on the day.

“Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site”, for instance, is a favorite read because it’s so well done. It’s also a dreaded one because there are so many words to slog through. I digress.

Tonight I give the standard bedtime proclamation, “Miller, its time for books. Do you have any requests, or would you like me to pick them out?”

With his help, three books are selected, and we go to his bedroom.

First up, “The Wheels on The Bus”. I started reading, and my husband gave me a What are you doing? look. “Oh yeah, I normally sing it,” I said. We’ve been singing this book before naps and bed for a year and a half now. Whoops. Only 10 more verses Jamie. Keep going.

Next up, “Hide-and-Seek Pout-Pout Fish” by Deborah Diesen. I’m reading along when my words decide to transpose themselves.

“…His friend Miss Shimmer, she still is missing.
Who will Pout-Pout Kiss be fishing?”

Again the questioning look from Mark, this time with a grin. I shrugged and read on. One word at a time, Jamie, one word at time.

Lastly, “Some Things Are Big, Some Things Are Small” by Karen Moore. I’m down to the second to last page when…

“She saw horse and little pony,
She saw hen and baby chick,
She saw big and little haystacks
And big and little dick. No duck.

Wait a second…cluck! She saw hen and baby cluck!”

Seriously, who calls a baby chick a cluck? Talk about a set up for failure!

Goodness gracious. It’s time for this momma to go to bed.

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