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Anxiety & Depression

Mental Games, Mental Gains

Miller and I made it home from our trip to Connecticut. He’s flown about a gajillion times, but it’s the first time we’ve flown together just the two of us. It’s also a feat akin to childbirth. Just ask my anxiety. The trip out was rough, and I don’t mean turbulence. By the time we departed from Midway, I was questioning my decision. After a couple of days of quality mother-son/cousin/family time, I’m thinking it was all worth it…

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Jury Doody

I’m in the middle of something here. I’ve had a total and complete commode moment happen, and I can’t yet tell you how it’s a good thing, because I’m still in the middle of it – in the waiting period. I’ve never written an installment during this stage of the turnaround, until now.

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