Commode To Joy

finding happy in the crappy

Anxiety & Depression

Stressing and Stretching

Performance anxiety. The nerve of it. When I was a kid, it existed for less than a minute once I hit the stage, and then a confident calm would settle in and I would own my performance. I loved loved loved dancing and performing in equal measure. I started dancing again last year after having taken a major hiatus from the dance floor. I felt like a real badass for […]

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Making Memories Doesn’t End With Death

Have you ever noticed how many condolence cards talk about looking back on memories made…be thankful for the memories…hold on to the memories… Those cards don’t jive with me. There’s too much of a finality to the sentiment. He’s dead. I’m sorry. Happy memorializing. Period. Sign, stamp, send. Yes, I have memories of dad. And guess what? The memories didn’t end with his life. Five years ago my dad died […]

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