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Death & Grief

Reality Is Relative

Earlier in the week, I was in public with a good friend. We were comparing mom notes – not notes about being moms; notes about not becoming our mothers. “I don’t think you’ll have much of a choice,” a woman around our age said authoritatively before changing her tone. “My mom died when I was 23,” she added in a hushed voice typically used in libraries and funeral homes. “She’s […]

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Love Winks

How do you receive love winks? If you believe that someone or something is on the other side looking out for you, how do you experience that love? One of the ways I experience it is through numbers. I see 44 on a jersey, I say hi to my angels. I see 4:44 and say an excited prayer of thanks to God. The bingo caller says “N 44!”, and I […]

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Having a Widowed Parent

Part of having a widowed parent is going to their house not to relax, but to help. Replace old batteries, unload the dishwasher, kill spiders, hang pictures. Whatever it is that needs to be done? Do it. Take the time to help. But take heed. Helping from a duty-bound place of obligation or pity can lead to resentment. Resentment that you “have” to help. Resentment that you’re the kid filling […]

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