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Odes To Joy

Human Highlights: Parking Pickle & Sheer Excitement

Human Moment: We’re down in Sunny Florida. The condo’s outdoor parking spots are separated by poles that support the roof. You can already see what’s coming, right? While backing our rental car out of the parking spot yesterday, I pushed the accelerator and started to turn the wheel. Boom! Stupid bleeping pole. I highly recommend the Ford Explorer. Not a dent, a scratch, or even the slightest indication that the […]

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Human Highlights: Kitchen Catastrophes, A Family Heirloom, & Mr. Potato Head

Human Moment: This past week I’ve broken my stockpot, my crock pot lid, and burned myself on a baking sheet all while cooking. Thank God for carryout. Highlight: My son is a bit of a touch-me-not. Much like the stereotypical cat, he’ll approach me for a little bit of lovin (usually right after he wakes up) and then he’s set for a while. He gives air kisses and lean-in side […]

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Human Highlights

I’m launching something new with Commode To Joy. Every Sunday I am going to post my Human Highlights of the week here and on my social media pages. (Follow me on Instagram and Facebook if you haven’t already.) My “Human Moment” will feature something along the lines of a frustration, flaw, or flat out failure that I either caused or experienced during the week. The “Highlight” will be whatever made me […]

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An Ode To Grandma Alice

That curly-haired woman watching her great-grandson play is my Grandma Alice. She’s lived on the same farm for six decades, and she still drives. As children, she let my brother, my cousins, and I drink as much Pepsi as we wanted, and she let us eat from her Snickers stash, which was, and still is, in the bottom drawer of the fridge because she likes them cold. She let us […]

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Unbridled Joy

I have this image in my mind of joy being a gorgeous horse with a long flowing mane. She flicks her tail in a “come and get me” way that is both daring and inviting. This joy can’t be bridled or saddled. You can’t harness her, for she is not meant to be steered. She’s not even meant to be tamed. She is meant to be trusted – to do […]

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