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Odes To Joy

Survival Mode (My Mini eBook) Is Here!

My first ever mini ebook, Survival Mode: A Nurturer’s Journey, is here! It began in December of 2015 when I was stuck in a situation for several days that I couldn’t get out of; I could only wait it out. While waiting it out, I realized I was in the intangible yet oh-so-identifiable Survival Mode. Once home, I opened my laptop and started writing about this place that so many […]

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Karmic Donuts

“Our opinion won’t change the world. But our love might.” It’s a Together Rising quote that came across my Instagram feed yesterday. The internet, along with outlets like social media and good ole blogs, give people more opportunity to share their voice than ever. And a lot of us do just that – voice opinions. Opinions not backed by action are the word form of empty calories: A lot of […]

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Announcing My First eBook

Greetings Commode To Joyers! Nearly one year ago, I finished writing a book called Survival Mode: A Nurturer’s Journey. Originally, I’d hoped to get it published. It’s short, and it’s a major genre chameleon, which makes it tricky to pitch. Nonetheless, I sent off queries and cover letters pitching to the best of my abilities. As time went by, finding a traditional publisher seemed unlikely. I wasn’t interested in self-publishing, because […]

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