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Odes To Joy

Don’t Plant Flowers In The Dark

Just because Human Highlights is over doesn’t mean Human Moments cease. Take Wednesday night, for instance. Earlier in the day I’d bought two butterfly bushes and three hummingbird plants. I planned on putting them in the front “yard” area (it’s a hill with some grass and trees, but mostly mulch and perennials). Mulch = weed barrier. Weed barrier = total pain in the planting ass = process takes longer than […]

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It’s a Thursday, with the energy of a Friday. Mark’s been worn out the last couple of nights. The guy doesn’t usually wear out. It’s a Thursday, but it feels like Friday. Friday. Date nights. Way before we were parents, one Friday afternoon, I remember thinking, I wish Mark would make dinner reservations somewhere and surprise me with a date night. Then I thought, Well duh, if that’s what you […]

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