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Greetings Commode To Joyers,

Every once in a while I post the CTJ latest – a lot happens behind the scenes! – so today is an update day.

First and foremost, I’ve joined the Pinterest world. Well, technically, I’ve had a Pinterest account for a long time, but I’ve never done anything with it. Until now.

I’m also delving into the digital marketing world to better hone my niche audience. This includes researching relevant keywords for my site, which is forcing me to become crystal clear on what CTJ is.

I’ve been called a mommy blogger.

I’m not.

I’ve been called a death/grief blogger.

I’m not.

It’s true that both topics come up frequently. They’re points of reference in my life, and I’m able to draw a lot of lessons and insights from them. However neither topic is my niche.

So what is Commode To Joy about?

It’s twofold:

Positive and uplifting.

Every single one of my installments finishes on a high note. Whether I share a story that makes you laugh, makes you think, or makes you tear up, the end goal is to leave you feeling a little better than before you read the installment.

Admittedly, it’s a bit of an esoteric theme, but hey, so am I.

Two WordPress bloggers I follow have come to mind a lot lately, because their topics are so laser-beam focused.

Beauty Beyond Bones is an eating disorder recovery blog. Caralyn has had huge success with her corner of the internet, reaching over 34,000 followers and counting. She’s launched a journal, a blogging tips ebook, and shares weekly gluten-free recipes.

A Small Wardrobe started out as a woman sharing stories about how minimizing her wardrobe (like majorly scaling it back) was changing her life. Minimalism has spread to her home furnishings, decorating, and beyond. As her audience has grown, so has her offerings, including YouTube videos and info on capsule wardrobes.

In short, both women started with a very specific, single topic that readers found interesting, and it’s grown from there.

Here’s my hangup. Positivity can turn into a yawn fest, and inspirational stuff can make me roll my eyes. Fake fluff pisses me off, and I’m signing myself up for a genre that has a lot of both. Yikes.

So here’s my promise to you: What I won’t do here is show you a picture of a rainbow and say how everything is now better, all fixed, smile damnit! (To be fair, seeing a fully arching, vivid rainbow can have that exact effect personally, but it rarely translates to others.)

Instead, what I do is show you my real, honest life occurrences, thoughts, feelings, and occasional irritations. That’s my starting point. From there, I figure out how it’s all okay. Or how it’s better than okay. Or how it’s fantastic or even funny.

Give me a commode-like situation, and I will find the ode to joy. Admittedly, I prefer the obvious, smile-til-your-face-hurts kind of joy. But hey, I’m willing to work for it.

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Thanks for stopping by, and as my Grandpa used to say, Come on back now, ya hear!


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  1. I didn’t realize you had such a clear intention. I just thought you were a positive person with an optimistic point of view… So you must be doing it right!

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