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Human Highlights: Curtains, Christmasing, & Gingerbread Houses

Human Highlights is a friendly reminder to forgive your human moments, to celebrate the highlights, and to enjoy life’s little lovelies in the interim.

Human Moment: Sometimes our human moments aren’t what we do, but what we don’t do.

Back in August, I had a guy come to the house for a curtain consult. Four months later, and the job still isn’t complete. (If you’re wondering, yes, this is the same curtain guy that prompted my post Being Positive While Being Real.)

The final install, which was to happen last Thursday, has now been postponed to the start of this week. He’s a nice guy, and I don’t like upsetting people, so okay. “Yes, the start of next week works for me,” I hear myself saying while screaming on the inside This Is Ridiculous!

I get mad at myself for not saying more. For not pointing out how unnecessarily drawn out this process has been. For not voicing my frustrations. But then I don’t see a point to it, so I say nothing…

…and then I brood.

Let’s break this down: I don’t want to upset someone else or create conflict, thus I remain silent. Doing so creates conflict within and upsets me. It’s a common side effect when I’m more concerned about being nice to someone else than to being nice to (in other words honoring) myself.

It’s a human moment for sure.

There is a point to speaking up. In this instance, even if it doesn’t change that the project isn’t complete, it changes my brooding to assuredness that I’ve honored myself.

Sometimes, it’s better to say too much and offer an apology than to not say enough. Maybe here and now I can start to change this human pattern.

Highlight: Wednesday, I attended my writing group’s 2nd annual Christmas Party. We sat around the fireplace where we shared Christmas memories and told…ghost stories. Totally unexpected. Totally fun. Then we feasted at a perfectly set table for 12 enjoying good food and great company.

We are an eclectic group with very different backgrounds, yet we share a common interest: Writing. It brings us together. It makes us kindreds.

Attending writing group is what I most look forward to every week. This week’s gathering was particularly special because I got to see that, even without discussing writing (the thing that brought us together initially), we are more than writers. We’re friends.

Life’s Little Lovelies: Gingerbread House Outtakes


Merry Christmas – Go Irish

What are your Human Highlights from this past week?

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