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Dependent and Independent

“Mommy, come join us.” He’ll say, wanting me to sit next to him. Play these days involves me sitting and observing only. “Mommy, Noooo!!!” He insists if I reach for a toy. Being kept from playful participation AND productivity around the house – I could be cleaning up right now! – can feel like a forced timeout.

He wants me close, but not too close. So there I sit (for a bit anyway).

When we finished naptime books today, he reached for me, as usual, to pick him up and put him in his crib. As usual, I leaned in to give him a kiss. “Mommy, Noooo!!!” He shouted. This was a first. Surprised, I asked, “You don’t want a kiss?” “Nooo,” came his response.

He wants me close, but not too close. So I carried on with our routine sans smooch.

He’s still very dependent of me while becoming independent too. His independence will continue to grow with him into adulthood. But even when he’s fully grown, even if he’s far away – he will still be my darling boy. Close to him my love will stay.

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