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Human Highlights: Double Entendre, The Movies, & Grocery Shopping

Human Highlights is a weekly installment serving as a friendly reminder to forgive (and maybe laugh at) yourself for your human moments, to celebrate the highlights, and to enjoy life’s little lovelies in the interim.

Human Moment: I was telling mom about my genius decision on our flight home from Florida. My cold was in full force, and I knew I’d need to pack tissue, but I didn’t want a bunch of loose kleenex in my carry on. Plus, I needed a lot – more than a travel pack provides. Rather than take up space with a box of kleenex, I grabbed a roll of my favorite toilet paper, Charmin Ultra Soft.

“Mom, it was brilliant!” I said. “Toilet paper is contained within one roll. It’s soft, and it’s thicker than regular kleenex. Just four squares can take care of a big blow job!”

I watched the words spill out of my mouth, unable to shove them back in.

“Mom! I’m referring to snot!!!” It was too late. She was already belly laughing. So was I.

Highlight: Friday night, Mom and I went to see Fantastic Beasts together. Walking into the locally owned theatre, the smell of popcorn greeted us followed by the ticket seller. Brightly colored candy boxes adorned the concession area. It could have been 1991 had it not been for the current movie posters on the walls. Dark patterned carpet ushered us into the dimly lit cinema. I was walking into my childhood and walking into my future all at once.

Pictured: Videoed: My standard grocery shopping experience, accompanied by Miller (in more ways than one). Plus, he’s started noticing the aisle numbers. Grocery store trips are a lot of fun for us.

What are your Human Highlights from this past week?

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