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Dream Doing

It’s deadline week for the Decatur Magazine, which means I’m elbow deep in word counts and writing styles, and I couldn’t be happier about it!

Here’s a little something you might not know about me: I was a stay at home wife before I was a stay at home mom. That means I had loads of free time. The shopping/lunching stereotype didn’t suit me. Well okay, the lunching part did, but you can only eat for so long.

What I wanted more than anything was to find my life’s purpose and use it. I wanted to do something meaningful with my time

At one point I remember talking with a friend about this restless, unsettled feeling. She asked what wanted to do, and I said, “I’d like to be an editor.”

It wasn’t an out-of-the-blue comment. A gal I followed on Facebook was working on her own book and posted an invitation for ten people to edit her manuscript in exchange for a free copy of the printed publication. I volunteered, and loved it.

Up to that point I’d only ever written research papers for school and a few newsletter blurbs at a past job. Since editing involved the writing world, I started looking for — and saying yes to — any opportunity that involved writing, even if it was outside of my comfort zone.

While a babysitter was at the house, I went to a local bakery to journal and sip a cappuccino. During a bathroom break, I spotted a flyer pinned to the bulletin board indicating a writing group that met there weekly.

It was as nerve-racking walking into my first writing group — a room of adults who are going to see my writing! — as it was my first day of middle school — a big building with lockers. And 8th graders! 

That’s the truth.

I showed up with an installment from my brand new blog and worked up the nerve to read it aloud. It’s hard talking when your heart’s in your throat.

Fast-forward 3 years — just three years — and here I am. My calendar had zero appointments on it today, and I spent all that free time? Editing. (And also writing my own article, because I have to meet my own deadline too.)

Image courtesy Carly Jean Photography.

If you really want something, more than likely no one step will get you there. A lot of little steps done regularly over time will. Even the biggest of buildings are built one brick at a time.

So what is it you want? Don’t view it as an impossible desire. If it were impossible, it wouldn’t be imprinted within you to want it. Instead, identify areas that relate to your desire, and start doing.

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