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Easter Scramble

Less than three days to Easter. If you’re like me and started planning for it yesterday, congratulations on working ahead! Slow clap momma, slow clap.

If you’re scrambling with fewer ideas than plastic eggs, feel free to borrow my solution. I’m resurrecting a childhood favorite: Scavenger hunts.

My grandmother was the queen of whipping up clues for us four grandchildren in her left-handed slanting, font 10 cursive. I’d bounce around collecting clues faster than the Easter Bunny on pixie sticks until at last, I’d make it to the coveted gift.

I want to recreate that kind of fun excitement this Easter. Now listen, zero knock on using lined notecards a la Grandma Phyllis, but doggone it, I’ve been around Pinterest long enough to have visions of something colorful and Easter themed for my clues.

I considered going to the store to find some stationary that’d probably be a twenty pack of something I didn’t even like… Then I had a brainwave.

Make your own clues. ON THE COMPUTER.

Wow, good idea, Jamie.

Thanks Jamie!

I’m decent with a computer after all, and I’ve been making quotes for Instagram for a while now. Why not?

So I did. I made six clues, for free, in under a half hour that’ll have Miller hippity hopping all the way to his Easter goodies.

His only robots exist on pajamas. Let’s see how long it takes for this clue to click.

Who am I right now?

But listen, the clues don’t all rhyme and they don’t all require thought. Case in point:

For fear of breaking my arm patting my own back, Ima slow clap myself right now too. Feel free to join in.

*takes bow*

The point to all of this nonsense is this: Play to your strengths.

Don’t worry about other people’s overflowing baskets or home-baked sweets or Easter eggs that could be featured in the Smithsonian.

I mean, my Easter eggs are still sitting in the carton at the grocery store waiting for me to buy them. No biggie folks. I’m doing me, and you can do you.

If that means pulling out HalloweenChristmasValentine’s candy to fill plastic eggs at 10 p.m. the night before, so be it. Just have a little tact and throw out the ones that look like PumpkinsSantaHearts.

Whatever expectations you have, cut them in half. Now cut them in half again. Work from this level of expectation and you’ll be just fine.

Example: I started with visions of a beautiful, monogrammed, cellophane-wrapped Easter basket (that I’ve made exactly never). I cut that expectation in half when I considered putting Miller’s presents in his backpack. Then I cut it in half once more by doing this:

That’s right. His presents will be sitting in the bathtub — unwrapped — cause that’s how I roll. A little off-center, just like Easter eggs.

What’s stuck with me from those scavenger hunts thirty some odd years ago isn’t the gifts. It’s knowing that Grandma took the time to make a hunt for each of us. It’s picturing her face brimming with excitement when she’d hand out our first clues. It’s recalling my feelings: The anticipation of the game…the thrill of decoding clues…the rush of wanting to find my gift before my cousins!

Those are the feelings I hope to recreate for Miller. And at the very least, I’ve already recreated them for myself.

No more scrambling, momma. Let’s make this whole Easter thing over-easy.

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