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Human Highlights: Eggs, Nail Polish, & Miller Time

Human Highlights is a friendly reminder to forgive your human moments, to celebrate the highlights, and to enjoy life’s little lovelies in the interim.

Human Moment: When I make scrambled eggs, I put a bowl next to the sink, crack the egg on the bowl, open the egg over the bowl, and toss the shell in the sink. A couple of mornings ago, I cracked the egg on the bowl and opened it over the drain. Fed it straight to the garbage disposal. Awesome.

Highlight: At my nail appointment Tuesday, Miller wanted to pick out my polish color. I already selected a dark color – I have a matching bottle at home to do my toes –  and Miller picked a pink and a green. Amidst my dark, winter color, I have pops of bright fun.

I’ve never done something this wacky with my nails before, and I absolutely love it. Every time I see my nails, I smile; they’re full of personality – both Miller’s and mine. It’s a recurrent highlight I’ve carried with me the entire week.


Serious Spunk

Life’s Little Lovelies: After my nail appointment, it’s tradition for us to walk a few doors down to Wildflour, a local bakery & cafe. Miller picks a baked good from the display case, I get a drink, and we head over to the toys to nibble, sip, and play for a bit. This is one of those routines that I know won’t last forever and, someday, will wish I could relive.


Mouth full of cookie. Face full of happiness.

What are your Human Highlights from the week?

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