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“Everything Is Figureoutable”

What up. Here’s the deal. If motherhood has taught my anything – ANYTHING – it’s that I can do anything while being tired.

In college, if I would’ve been this tired, oh my gosh. Wouldn’t have functioned. Peace out. End of the world, effective immediately.

Here lately, I’ve had a lot that I’ve wanted to work on. Behind the scenes technical glitches with logging into my site and undelivered emails, blah blah blah. That means time on the phone with customer service reps or happiness engineers or whatever the heck else they call themselves these days.

I’m also converting the book that I wrote to an ebook BY MYSELF so that I can sell it as a download off my website. THIS STUFF IS LABOR INTENSIVE! (Let me remind you that I was an ed/music/dance major, so all of this stuff? Is self taught.)

My normal day to day involves focusing on Miller and squeezing all things writing in on the side. Twenty minutes here, an iPad break there, naptime, etc. It’s actually a bit remarkable what you can accomplish working in short snippets. But sometimes I want time. TIME! Like, office hours! Because I want to sit down and focus and finish a job IN ONE SITTING. (Forgive the shouty all caps. They feel really good right now.)

This morning, on a whim (I love whims), I text my mom:

“Can you pick Miller up from school today and hang with him into the afternoon?”

She said yes. Jackpot. (When you read this, Mom, THANK YOU!)

My ass has been in a booth at Panera (hello free Wi-Fi and good food) for over four hours.

Woman Up

Part way through I started to get hella tired. 4:40 a.m. wake up times day after day aren’t for me. Unfortunately, I can’t convince the boy of that. If I’d been at home, I would’ve laid down for a nap. (There again, another interruption to getting work done that I want to complete.)

So I’m in my booth transferring text into an ebook and wanting a nap, but I powered through. Eventually, I got over the tired hump, and then I FINISHED FORMATTING MY EBOOK!!!

Next up is figuring out how to get it on my website and add a payment form and make sure it all works. I want to figure it out on my own, cause I don’t want to pay a web-desginer for it. At this rate? I’m thinking I can do it.

I’m a fan of Marie Forleo. One of her biggest mantras is, “Everything is figureoutable.” Everything. From figuring out how to format an ebook – I FIGURED IT OUT MARIE!!! – to techy web stuff. I can do it. I can even do it tired, because being tired is no longer an excuse. It just is – kind of like I have blue eyes.

Using tiredness as an excuse these days is like saying, “I’m sorry, I can’t mother today, because I have blue eyes. No, no I can’t help you because I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but MY EYES ARE BLUE!”

Nah. I’m tired. And I can do anything while being tired. And everything is figureoutable. Next.

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  1. Yep. Tired and still gong to power through to get it all done. Multi-tasking like a pro – laundry in the washer, load in the dryer, crockpot loaded for tomorrow’s dinner, checking out WP, and cleaning the toilets! Yessiree – I’m adulting with a side of Mom!

  2. ❤️💕💁right? The hustle is real, yet it’s His plan, so no reason to fight it 👊🏻💪🏻

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