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Find Your People

Perhaps the biggest quest in life is to find the person(s) to whom you can take anything safely, knowing that your deepest fears, darkest thoughts, most human of actions won’t be judged, ridiculed, or shamed.

Chances are you’ve already belabored yourself under these weighty burdens. The truth is, we all carry varying shades and degrees of our own darkness with us. Therefore, do not be shamed by something that makes you human – something that makes you you.

Perhaps your dirty laundry doesn’t need to be put on display for the world to see (though some certainly do and have helped others in the process). Perhaps it also doesn’t need to be carried with you to the grave either. 

The dark stuff? Can change a course of a life depending on whether it’s allowed by the carrier to be brought to the surface. Doing so, in its own way, is an airing of grievances. Once exposed, healing can begin. Light can shine through accompanied by a lightness of being. It is through this darkness that joy can be known more fully than ever before.

It’s a very personal process that begins by allowing yourself to be seen by your “person” (or persons). It’s a very vulnerable place to be in, this anteroom to your shadow side.

I’ve gone on deep excursions examining my “self”, but my deepest of dives have not been solo missions. Without my people by my side, I wouldn’t have even attempted these plunges. With them, I attempt them, and I come up more whole and with a much stronger sense of self…of self-love…of love…of life.

Life. It’s what we’re all here for. To live life. When you feel that it could be lived more fully? Find your people.

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