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From Mental Well-Being to a Life of Meaning

Mental stamina has been my ace in the hole for a while now, but do you know what mental stamina gets you without action? Nothing.

You can have all the mind tricks and tactics, but if you aren’t getting out and living, what’s the point? Sure, you know what’s best for you, but are you doing it?

If you’re using mental games to keep you playing small and safe, to keep you on the hamster wheel, to help you endure, then you’ve missed the point to begin with. Life isn’t meant to be endured but enjoyed.

Mental well-being isn’t about getting you through a life of monotony and paychecks; it’s about prompting action to better your own life.

When you know how you want to feel — when you’re vested in whatever your form of “better” is — you’re more likely to make decisions and take action that will support that feeling.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to feel happy on the inside because the sunrise was exquisite or your favorite song plays on the radio or your donut-of-choice is #freshaf. But those are all things that are out of your control — gifts from the outside in. You have the ability to gift yourself from the inside out via actions that support what you want. That way if the day doesn’t bring you all of your favorites, it’s okay, because you’ve got it covered.

By all means, keep your mental phrases handy. Apply what you’ve learned from self-help books or therapy or your favorite influencers. They’re important to have around. It’s equally important to move those answers from your mind and through your body (aka action). That’s how you go from mental-well being to a life of meaning.

photo courtesy Gingersnap + Co.

Contrary to what this photo might suggest, I’m not opting for a donut today. I’ve published this installment, Muscato and I are going for a walk, and I will work on more content photos. All are actions that help me feel #happyaf.

What about you?

What is one thing you will do today to support how you want to feel?

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  1. Jamie, thank you for the motivation! I’m going to keep those ideas in my head and continue putting them in action. I want to improve my writing. My one thing today: I’m going to look for a class to take.

  2. I never want to stop growing and pushing myself. Fears held me back when I was younger and I finally realized that educating myself and leaning on the Lord would help me face my fears, push through them and make me stronger on the other side. As I get stronger,
    I feel like I can be there more often, for others.. So that’s my goal.

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