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Happy Grandparent’s Day

To all of the grandparents who experienced the freedom of retirement and then said “yes” to watching your grandchildren full-time;
who quit their full-time jobs that actually paid money in order to watch your grandchildren at the rate of “thank you”:

Thanks for giving a huge piece of your time and energy so that we can have peace of mind.

To all of the grandparents whose cars are full of car seats, toys, snacks, and snack remnants;
who take your grandchildren on outings to parks, zoos, museums, and restaurants:

It’s much appreciated. You might start receiving park passes, gas cards, gift cards, and carwash tokens as presents.

To all of the grandparents who watch your grandchildren so that mom & dad can have a date night:

Thanks for letting us have an adult meal when we can enjoy uninterrupted conversations and remain seated the entire time.

To all of the grandparents who keep your grandchildren overnight so that mom & dad can have a staycation or a weekend away:

We have the opportunity to sleep the whole night through and sleep in – thank you!

To all of the grandparents who take your grandchildren with you on vacation, or who travel with the family as “granny nanny” or “hop on pop”…

To all of the grandparents who live close by and see your grandchildren regularly, or who live far away and travel to see your grandchildren…

To all of the grandparents who have welcomed adopted or step-grandchildren into your life with the same love and affection that you have for your biological babies;
who have become legal guardians of your grandchildren because mom and dad weren’t able to be parents:

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

To all of the grandparents who have responded to a call from your children needing help or have taken a call from your grandchildren looking for advice;

who have taught your grandchildren anything – potty training, fishing, baking, driving lessons, and right from wrong;

who support your grandchildren by attending sporting events, recitals, tournaments, performances, or graduations;

who give cash as gifts, or even as loans;

Thank You.

To all of the parents who think they know better:
Remember that you are a parent. Your parents, however, are grand.

Happy Grandparent’s Day

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