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Human Highlights: Crying, Comfort, & A Gentle Touch

Human Highlights is a friendly reminder to forgive your human moments, to celebrate the highlights, and to enjoy life’s little lovelies in the interim.


Human Moment: When it’s Friday mid-morning and your son lays on the wooden floor and cries because he’s sick and tired from a week-long virus and sick and tired of his mom who’s been with him nearly 24/7. By this point, he kicks and says no if I try to comfort him.

I’m sick and tired because I inherited the germs midweek, and I’m sick and tired of the week, so I go lay on the couch and cry. Both of us, in fetal position, away from each other, crying, as the sound of our sniffles fills the air.


Highlight: Miller’s nap. During which I turned on the fireplace and took a twenty minute snoozer myself. I woke up and opted to make some orange rolls. I normally don’t nap much or eat much sugar, but both sounded very comforting to me after being unable to provide comfort this morning.

“No more wallowing,” I decide as I close the oven door. “It’s time to turn this mother around.”

Then Miller cries out and sounds miserable. I go into his room and lay down next to him. When I put my arm around him, he visibly relaxes and falls back to sleep. Relief floods me as I soak in his squished cheeks and steady breathing.


For both of us.

I’ve turned this mother around.


Life’s Little Lovelies: All of the hugs, kisses, pats, and squeezes I give him in a day don’t compare to this one little gesture of him resting his hand on my arm.


Saying “I love you” without speaking.


What are your Human Highlights from the week?

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  1. The request of my pre-pre teen that needs a high ponytail, it makes me feel needed 🙂

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