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Human Highlights: Forgetfulness, Dancing, & Ornaments

Human Highlights is a friendly reminder to laugh at, shrug off, and forgive your human moments, to celebrate the highlights, and to look for and enjoy life’s little lovelies in the interim.

Human Moment: Thursday evening I introduced myself to a man whom I’ve apparently already met and conversed with previously. Whoops. Lying in bed Friday night, I realized that I forgot to pay the babysitter…who babysat Wednesday. Great. Saturday I forgot to give the tickets for my dance recital to Mark, so I tucked them under one of my car’s wipers for him to retrieve. Smooth.

Oh shoot. A woman text me last Sunday, and I’m just now remembering that I haven’t responded yet. Good thing I’m rehashing my human moments or Cindy may not have ever heard back from me.

Apparently my memory took the week off. My mom would say it’s CRS. I say it’s a side effect of being a mom, which is somewhat ironic, considering Miller retains everything.

Highlight: My dance studio’s annual benefit performance for the Salvation Army Angel Tree was last night. My 3.5 year old niece, Irie, performed in it – her first dance recital. I danced in it too, except I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve taken the stage.

Despite having performed for the bulk of my life, I still get jitters. As I stepped onto stage, I heard Irie’s little voice from the balcony exclaim, “Jamie!” followed by my son who shrieked, “Mommy!” It was an instant remedy for nerves. I beamed smiles toward the balcony the entire performance and enjoyed myself immensely.

As for Irie? She owned the stage. Nerves of steel, that girl. Bravery to the max. I’m so proud of her.


An especially special Christmas special.

Pictured: Our first ornament of the season bit the big one yesterday. Some little fingers dropped it, and a corner broke off. Since it’s not fixable, why not let him destroy it completely? I decided. He enjoyed the dismantling process immensely, and I have gained a storage box for a different ornament.


Don’t worry, folks. It was pressed glitter, not glass.

What are your Human Highlights from this past week?

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