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Human Highlights: Honking, Curtain Closure, & Authenticity

Human Highlights is a friendly reminder to forgive your human moments, to celebrate the highlights, and to enjoy life’s little lovelies in the interim.

Human Moment: I left Kroger yesterday evening with groceries piled on the floor and high in the passenger seat – the back-end was clear full of donation items that have been there for like…a month…at least. No, that’s not the human moment.

Anyway, I was feeling grand, glowing from a Facebook post that I wrote a few hours prior. It spoke of the hope of the season, and I loved it. Plus, I had a car full of food for some good Christmas weekend eating.

While driving home and considering the hope of the season, I slowed down a little earlier than usual to turn onto my street – there’s a slight downward slope prior to turning and I didn’t want my groceries to slide off the seat. Heaven forbid the eggs break.

It was a long, slow, gentle brake, and as I turned onto my street, the car behind me blasted their horn at me. One of those long, angry honks. Apparently, I was going much too slow for their liking. Naturally, I laid on my horn right back at them and grumbled, “Jackass” as I completed the turn.

The eggs didn’t crack but my hope for the season did.

Merry Honking Christmas.

Highlight: Last week, my human moment was not speaking up for myself regarding an ongoing, drawn-out, curtain install at my house. This week, I expressed my concerns to the curtain guy. In doing so, I learned that it is very possible to speak up without creating conflict.

I tried multiple times writing a more in-depth post about the experience, but never could quite adequately convey it. The short version is that I was very honest with the curtain guy without being defensive or accusatory. I spoke to him as though he was my teammate, not my opponent. That’s the best I can come up with – that I didn’t go into the conversation looking for a fight; I went into it looking for a solution, and that’s what I got.

The curtain project is complete, and I am 100% thrilled with the result. When I look at the curtains, I no longer get frustrated feeling like I wasted a whole lot of money on something I didn’t like. Instead, I see them and know that I spoke up to ensure that I loved the final result, and I did so while remaining on good terms with curtain guy.

If I had to go back and redo it? I’d do everything the exact same – from picking out the materials to self-growth.

The new curtains, technically blinds, are installed behind drapery rods/drapes that have been up for several years. When the blinds are open, you can’t see them and wouldn’t know they’re there. But they are there, in all of their blackout glory. (I’ve been sleeping even more soundly since their installation.)





Life’s Little Lovelies: Annual Christmas Party with a gal who is consistently herself no matter who she’s around (a quality that I greatly admire) and my big brother (one of my most favorite people).


Authenticity at its finest.

What are your Human Highlights from this past week?

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