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Human Highlights: Judgmental Jamie, Good Reads, & Good Laughs

Human Highlights is a Sunday tradition at Commode To Joy. It’s a friendly reminder to forgive your human moments, celebrate the highlights, and enjoy life’s little lovelies in the interim.


Human Moment: This past week, I was sitting in the women’s locker room at the Athletic Club, with my nose in my phone. (Sometimes, when I’m finished teaching my class, I go in there and sit for a few minutes to catch up on emails, respond to texts, or write/type whatever it is that’s on my mind.)

Two friends, in their twenties, walked in after working out. One was rather put out when she realized that she’d forgotten to bring a jacket. It was cool and raining just enough that she thought her tank top would be insufficient for her next stop – Kroger. She had her cardigan, which she’d worn to work, but couldn’t imagine being seen in such a mismatched outfit in public. Instead, she’d go through the royal inconvenience of changing back into her work clothes all for the sake of looking nice for strangers.

I grinned on the inside. “Yeah, I would’ve done the same thing ten years ago too,” I thought looking down at my light pink socks pulled up over my athletic leggings and my chunky black clogs that are my go-to gym shoes.

Just a week previously, a woman in her sixties complimented me on those shoes. “Thanks,” I said to her. “I took my mom with me to the store and said to her, ‘Mom, pick out a pair of shoes that you’d wear to slip on when going outside to get the mail.’ These shoes are what she picked out. They’re exactly what I wanted.”

That’s a true story – I wanted a pair of shoes I could slip on quickly for when Miller asked to play outside. At the time, I was going for practical, not looks. Then, when I started teaching Piyo – which I teach barefoot – I thought, “What’s the sense in wearing workout shoes to the gym? Laces are a hassle. These shoes are convenient.”

You know you look like a complete goober, right? Are you intentionally trying to age yourself? Going for the “mom” look today? chided Snarky.

“Yes, yes I know that I look like a goober, and I love it. Because five years ago, I wouldn’t have allowed myself to be seen like this. And now? I walk with a grin on my face because I wear them in public.”

The gal in the locker room, Miss Cardigan, she’s still very much concerned about what she looks like in pubic. I get it.

Her friend, who was talking unnecessarily loudly asked, “What are you getting at the grocery store?” Her all-knowing tone suggested that the purchase could wait. Please, nothing at the store could be as pressing as this wardrobe inconvenience.

“Cat litter,” responded Miss Cardigan.

“Why are you going to Kroger? Do you enjoy spending too much on cat litter?” asked Talks Too Loud.

Miss Cardigan’s sensible response didn’t quite cover the hint of hurt in her voice. “I have a coupon.”

My thoughts were louder than Talks Too Loud’s comeback. “Woah, wait a second. I used to buy cat litter at Kroger! There’s nothing wrong with shopping at Kroger!”

I wanted to get up and tell Miss Cardigan to shop wherever the heck she likes. That it doesn’t matter one iota what she wears to the store. I wanted to tell her that her friend Talks Too Loud, from the sounds of things, isn’t really a friend.  And I wanted to tell Talks Too Loud to stop talking.

Instead, I got up an finished my phone business in the lobby.

If you can’t tell, I instantly disliked Talks Too Loud. Snap judgments. What can I say? I’m human.


Highlight: I love a good book. I read one earlier in the week – “The Boy Who Knew Too Much: An Astounding True Story of a Young Boy’s Past-Life Memories” by Cathy Byrd. This quick non-fictional read is about a little boy who talks of being Lou Gehrig in a past life and a mom who listens to his claims rather than scoffing him off. It’s a book that stretches the mind and leaves you feeling good. In other words, it’s right up my alley.

Also, I’m currently reading an entertaining novel by Liane Moriarty called “The Husband’s Secret”. I’m new to her work and am hooked. She gets inside of her character’s heads and brings them to life in a way that is completely accurate, straightforward, unapologetic, and at times laugh worthy.

Curling up with a good book is one of my favorite things to do. I limit myself, because once I open the cover I have a hard time closing it for the sake of being responsible. For me, two books in one week is downright indulgent. Some folks have a tub of ice cream, I have a good read.


Life’s Little Lovelies: Miller has been surprisingly, and somewhat uncharacteristically, cuddly lately. All warm in a towel after a stint in the shower, I asked him to touch his nose to mine. He obliged, but on his own terms: The second our noses met, he snorted like a pig.


What are your Human Highlights from the week?

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  1. You will love The Husbands Secret! Her other book Big Little Lies is also great. Enjoy!

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