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Human Highlights: Kitchen Catastrophes, A Family Heirloom, & Mr. Potato Head

Human Moment: This past week I’ve broken my stockpot, my crock pot lid, and burned myself on a baking sheet all while cooking. Thank God for carryout.

Highlight: My son is a bit of a touch-me-not. Much like the stereotypical cat, he’ll approach me for a little bit of lovin (usually right after he wakes up) and then he’s set for a while. He gives air kisses and lean-in side hugs. It’s nothing personal. It’s Miller. So night before last when he asked to sit on my lap while he watched the iPad at the kitchen island, I scooped him up without hesitation. I started rocking from side to side; an automatic maternal motion that I remember from my early years when mom held me in her lap. That soft sway offers me the same feelings of comfort as an adult as it did when I was a child. Miller’s back leaning against my chest, his body completely relaxed just as mine was in my mother’s lap years and years ago – it was a cool (as in warm!) experience passing a form of my mother’s love on down the line. A family heirloom of sorts. The highlight of my week.

Pictured: Mr. Potato Head Mastery.


He learned how to attach the mustaches all by himself.

Human Highlights: A friendly reminder that when the human moments happen, they confirm that you are, in fact, human; an even friendlier reminder to focus on the highlights.

What are your Human Highlights from the week?

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