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Human Highlights: #momlife, #reallife, #totlife

Human Highlights is a friendly reminder to forgive your human moments, to celebrate the highlights, and to enjoy life’s little lovelies in the interim.

This is a special edition featuring an image for each category.

Human Moment: My bedtime routine includes brushing my teeth and popping in my mouth guard (teeth grinder). Driving away from the house this morning – about twenty minutes after brushing my teeth, having conversed with Mark & Miller, and getting out the door – I realized that I was wearing my mouthpiece. I put it in after brushing my teeth and have zero recollection of doing so.

A side effect of #momlife.

A side effect of #momlife.

Highlight: Wednesday I got a confirmation email – one of my pieces has been accepted by PositivelyPositive and will be published to their site tomorrow!!!!! Squeals, jumps, turns, dances, and claps of excitement followed…for the next several hours. And then we went out for a celebratory dinner.

This is my #reallife!

This is my #reallife!

Life’s Little Lovelies: We were the last table at one of our go-to restaurants Tuesday evening. Miller got to go behind the bar to see how the glass cleaning machine works. A father/son moment, small town charm, the gift of relationships, and the fascination of a child, all wrapped into one photo.

#totlife is fun.

#totlife rocks.

What are your Human Highlights from the week?

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