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Human Highlights: Parking Pickle & Sheer Excitement

Human Moment: We’re down in Sunny Florida. The condo’s outdoor parking spots are separated by poles that support the roof. You can already see what’s coming, right? While backing our rental car out of the parking spot yesterday, I pushed the accelerator and started to turn the wheel. Boom! Stupid bleeping pole. I highly recommend the Ford Explorer. Not a dent, a scratch, or even the slightest indication that the driver door head-butted the white pole.

Highlight: I cranked out a blog post called The Power of Choice during Miller’s nap on Wednesday. Unexpectedly, it blew all of my old blog stats out of the water and was my first experience of having a post shared a ton.

Pictured: Welcome Committee. Miller could hardly contain his excitement at the sight of his cousins pulling into the parking lot.


Excitement & Adoration

Human Highlights: A friendly reminder that when the human moments happen, they confirm that you are, in fact, human; an even friendlier reminder to focus on the highlights.

What are your Human Highlights from the week?

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