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Improving Your Life, Free of Charge

This was me at ten this morning.



But I’m telling you, despite the external scariness, I feel great.

Back in the day, when I was in my twenties and well rested, the opposite was true; looked good on the outside, felt like junk on the inside.

By my thirties, even though everything on the outside was grand, I felt like I was missing something. Like life could be better, but accessing it was just beyond my reach.

I decided to invest in a life coach. It cost a lot. But we could afford it, and I was determined to figure stuff out. It was pivotal for me in the most positive ways possible. (Clearly. Refer back to that selfie. No way would I’ve shared it five years ago.)

What if you feel the same way? What if you know things could be better, but you aren’t sure how to make changes? What if you can’t afford a life coach?

Below are five ways to improve your day, your month, your life. All are ways that I keep myself feeling good regardless of what life throws at me.

All are free, and all can be accessed from your phone. (Because even though you know getting outside and unplugging are really good for your health and well being, you’re on a device right now. Me too.)

Glennon Doyle

Glennon got her start blogging eight years ago on Momastery. Since then, she’s become a New York Times #1 best selling author and founded and helps oversee Together Rising, a nonprofit that’s raised over eight million dollars (and counting) for women, children, families, and communities.

She makes global impacts, yet it’s her Instagram posts about her family and her day-to-life that make her incredibly relatable. Plus, the gal can write.

She’s passionate about what she believes in, and shares her convictions regularly (I love having an example of what that looks like in my feed). Even when she writes about serious topics, she has a way of injecting humor that leaves me laughing out loud.

If you aren’t already following her, do.

Peggy Rometo

An intuitive healer and psychic medium, Peggy posts videos to her YouTube channel the first of each month (that means today!) giving intuitive astrology readings (super fancy term for horoscope). She categorizes readings into relationships, money, health, and unexpecteds.

As I listen, some things really resonate with me. Those are the sentiments I find myself turning back to throughout the month for encouragement. When I zone out during a video, I don’t go back and rewind. I take it to mean that whatever was said didn’t apply to me. No fretting or taking extensive notes here.

It’s a great way to get footing on the month ahead.

The Dalai Lama

Like his Facebook page and change the priority so that you see his posts first. His writings regularly cover mental and emotional well being and ways to improve upon education. He’s not concerned with religious beliefs; his concern remains with humanity. He packs huge meaning into short posts.

Danielle LaPorte

A writer and seeker of truth, Danielle’s blog posts regularly fuel the mind and soul. She’s a deep feeler, an esoteric thinker, and communicates both through artistic writing. Maybe that’s why I often feel as though I’ve come out of the spa after reading her posts.

The Ellen Show

Moms of small children, you know full well that instead of doing the other eleventy-hundred things you swore you’d do during naptime, you’re sitting on the couch scrolling on your phone. While there (on your phone), download the ellentube app. It’s free, and it’s full of highlights videos from the Ellen Show.

Above all else, Ellen wants people to feel good. Whether it be through her current #onemillionactsofgood campaign with Cheerios, her human interest stories, her unending generosity, or from good ole belly laughs, Ellen does, indeed, make me feel good. Plus, once I’ve finished watching the latest clips, I’m refreshed enough to get on with the doing.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get going!

Well Done

1:00 p.m. Behold the power of a little concealer, powder, and a smile.


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  1. Jamie-I have worked with a coach for over 20 years. That is one of the reasons I have my own company. I found I could not be true to myself if my business life and my personal life were not congruent. It was either open my own company or sell my soul! I could not do that to myself!
    For 10 of those years, I worked with a business psycologist that lives part time in New Zealand and part time in Az. Because of that, I have really close friends all over the world. A group of us from US, Canada and Australia spent a week at a villa in Italy one time. Another time, we went to Singapore, Vietnam and a week at the Ritz Carlton on 62 acres in Bali. All of this was such fun and a huge part of my life so many years when I was single!!! I cultivated some awesome lifetime friends!!!! It sure has changed my life and all those around me. At my office we have core values and a mission statement which we all say together every Monday at sales meeting. My life is so richer and has so much more depth from all of this!!!! I also feel very strong about mentoring the people in my office!!! It is God first, our families second and our job third!!!!
    Bless you for sharing as you do!!!! Hugs to you, Glenda

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