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There’s a trick that small town folks do to note when they’ve read a library book: initial the front cover.

The start of 2019 had me going to my Grandma Phyllis’ farm every week when Alzheimer’s left her alone and unable to venture out without assistance. With her now squared away and well tended to I thought, why not prioritize my other Grandma in the same way? Why wait for disease to carve out time for her?

Yesterday was a day with Grandma Alice (who’s still going strong on her farm). Our errands included the library.

She sent me in with a list of authors to search for. I needn’t have a list of book titles, because she’d already done that legwork for me.

See the cursive A in the top right corner? For Alice. And then — bonus — see the PW in the top left? Grandma Phyllis. But those initials represent so much more than a read book.

In younger years, they represented Christmases and cookies, rides in grain trucks and overnight visits.

In adult years, they represent doing what’s right — even though what feels “right” doesn’t always equate to feeling “good” in the moment.

In short, they represent love shared to me my whole life over — love that I’m doing my best to step into and return.

One of my life’s great blessings is still having these women in my life. We talk about not wasting time with our kids, that you’ll never get it back, the years are so precious, etc… It’s also true for every single elderly person in your life. Why is it that making time for what matters can sometimes seem impossible? Yet, time spent doing what matters is never wasted time.

I know there are things in your life that mean the world over to you. Things that take high priority, if not in your calendar, than in your heart. Those are the things (experiences, people) to prioritize with your actions. That’s how to create an initial trail in your own life story.

As for the cursive “A” and “PW” tucked safely inside many a front cover?

They’re imprinted on more than just books.

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  1. This is amazing and a perfect Christmas eve activity! Thank you lady!!

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