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I’ve Falsely Equated Being A Morning Person With Success

I woke up before the rest of the house today. It’s not that common of an occurrence. And, while it’s not something I strive doing daily, I enjoy when it happens.

In the winter, I come upstairs, make a cup of coffee, and retreat to the living room with the fireplace blazing. From the couch, I can see the dancing flames and the sunrise, through the leafless trees, illuminating the horizon over Lake Decatur. It’s one of my happiest joys during my least favorite season, a joy that’s made me like the season a little more (or maybe dislike it a little less).

A couple years ago, Mark read an article to me about habits of successful people. Of the listed habits, one stuck with me: They arise early to start their day.

You’ll never stand a chance, interjected Snarky.

I’ve been around people over the years whose alarm goes off and they hop out of bed. They will have read some intelligent articles, worked out, showered, and responded to emails all before I’ve finished one cup of coffee. At best.

I’m married to one of those people.

Since I don’t have a job that I have to get to every day, I typically sleep as much as I can. That means rarely setting an alarm. On occasion, if I’m launching something for my blog, I’ll get up to make the appropriate posts early (what I consider early) in the morning. If we have a flight to catch, I’ll set an alarm. That’s pretty much it.

I go through stints where I tell myself I’ll set my alarm to get up at the same time every day just to get into more of a routine. To prove a point to myself that I can be a disciplined, successful person. That way, if Miller happens to still be sleeping, I can do something a little productive too. Like shower.

It usually lasts about two days (the getting up, not the showering). Impressive work Jamie, truly.

As the fireplace crackles in the background this morning, I realize that I’ve falsely equated being a morning person with success. I also realize that I love my inconsistent, potpourri of mornings.

I love when, like today, I wake up before the rest of the house and have a quiet setting to start my day.

I love when I wake up and can lay in bed a half hour before getting up (if you plan on me being at least semi pleasant, let me lay in be a half hour…for the love of God let me lay in bed a half hour).

I love when Miller and Mark wake up before me and leave me to my slumber.

When Mark’s out of the house before Miller and I awaken, I especially love when Miller climbs into bed with me for morning snuggles.

If I set an alarm every day, I’d miss out on these various occurrences. I’d also be a grumpy jerk. So then, these sporadic, unpredictable mornings, are one of the perks of being a stay at home mom.

Am I a little less successful for it? Nah. Success is one of few words we can each define for ourselves. In my case, success = satisfaction.

Am I satisfied with my life? Absolutely.

Am I satisfied with myself, including the fact that I like getting as much sleep as possible? This morning, I can finally say – Yes.

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  1. lovely!

  2. I set my alarm, the latest I can wake up before work. But this week, I wanted to have more time in the morning to eat breakfast and just sit down to relax. It felt great, I didn’t feel as rushed and I had more time to pet my cat and just have time for myself. I completely agree with relaxing and making time for yourself. Even sleeping in is amazing but success is about making yourself happy.

  3. I am hoping to retire someday and be able to get rid of the alarm clock! I’m a little envious of that luxury of laying in bed for an extra half hour and just letting the morning slowly come into focus… someday I’ll have that. Until then I am up and moving at 6 AM every morning!

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