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Just Be You

My teen years became fake; I just wanted to be liked. My twenties became anxiety-riddled; I just wanted to please others. In my thirties, I’ve been discovering who I really am; I just want to be “me”. I wrote this from the tween perspective in the hopes that it can help youth understand how to “just be you”.


The other kids at school, some like music, sports, or books.
Most are trying to be “cool” or are all about their looks.
Do I fit in with the crowd? Am I like the other teens?
“Just be you” I hear adults say, but I’m not sure what that means.

At times I go along with what my friends say I should do.
At times I say or do things though I really don’t want to.
I choose to say or do them so that others will like me,
even though I’m not quite sure that this is who I want to be.

Last week I went to Michael’s and we argued ’bout the Sox.
I told him he was stupid, “You’re dumb as a box of rocks!”
And then I felt quite bad because I don’t think that it’s true.
But I’d already said it, so what else was there to do?

I saw my mom outside and she was working on the lawn.
I didn’t go and help her since it looked like one big yawn.
Instead I chose to stay inside to watch a tv show.
I think maybe I messed up, but how do I let her know?

I’d like to tell them sorry. I’d like to make it right.
I’d really like to keep from making things into a fight.
I know I wouldn’t like it if someone called me “dumb”,
and I’d want help with yard work, even if it was just some.

But that is how my friends behave, and that is how they talk.
I choose to be like them so I’m included in their flock.
Truthfully, I must admit, I recognize my part:
When I try to be all “cool”, I wind up acting like a fart.

How then do I decide on whom to listen to each day?
If I don’t do what my friends do will they like me anyway?
Or are they really my close friends despite what they might say?

For the answers to your questions, turn the light switch on inside.
You have an inner knowing you can trust to be your guide.
This “knowing” is a voice of sorts, and it resides within.
When determining what choice to make, let its guidance win.

The “voice” is not a mean one, it’s not arrogant or rude.
It’s not hurtful, it’s not spiteful, and it has no attitude.
If you feel those things dismiss them; do not let them hurt your mood.

Above all else your “voice” is free of hatefulness or fear.
Instead this “voice” is something you might feel or you might hear.
If you still yourself and listen, soon its message will appear.

It is simple and sure, persistent and pure. It is trustworthy, timely, and true.
See it, receive it, and when you believe it, you’ll find what it means to be you.

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  1. For me it is the Holy Spirits voice….all amazing…..all good

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