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Keeping Project Overwhelm At Bay

Overwhelm. It can elicit different reactions – walking away, anxious overdrive, fuming fury.

When things start piling up – keeping up with the house, keeping up with work demands, or tackling an undesirable but necessary project such as moving – just start. Pick a place, and start.

Baby Boomers know how to put their noses down and work, keeping responsibility at the forefront. Millennials know how to enjoy themselves along the way by prioritizing pleasure.

Take notes from both.

If you look ahead at all that’s left to do and feel overwhelm’s grip tightening, take a minute to look at all you’ve accomplished. Even if it’s as simple as you finally folded the laundry, you responded to that nagging email, or you packed (or unpacked) one box, congratulate yourself. The tiniest bit of progress is in fact progress.

Stop and celebrate to add in a splash of fun like Millennials. And then? Back at it, nose down, Baby Boomer style.

That’s how meals get made, fundraising campaigns get accomplished, and houses get built. One ingredient, one mailer, one nail at a time.

Wanna keep project overwhelm at bay? Keep plugging away, one step at a time.


Pictured: a lakeside villa that a crew of just a few men including my dad built
one board, screw, and drywall panel at a time.


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