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Love Winks

How do you receive love winks? If you believe that someone or something is on the other side looking out for you, how do you experience that love?

One of the ways I experience it is through numbers. I see 44 on a jersey, I say hi to my angels. I see 4:44 and say an excited prayer of thanks to God. The bingo caller says “N 44!”, and I smile. There have been multiple times that I have been assigned position 44 on Southwest boarding passes.

So here we are, on vacation, in Florida, for Thanksgiving, and I have a cold. Last Saturday, the sore throat, cough, and congestion set in. A week later, and I still don’t feel great.

I took myself to lunch today while the boys napped (they have colds too). “Oh, so you don’t feel great, but you’re good enough to go out,” you wonder? Yes, and I even got dressed up for the occasion – I put a bra on under my pajamas.

Anyway, as I gathered my things to leave the restaurant, I decided to stop by Walgreens across the street to buy a new lip color. Odd, considering I could’ve gone straight back to the condo to catch some zzzs myself, but no, the new lip color sounded like fun, and I like to follow fun.

Within a couple of minutes at Walgreens, I found the perfect color. The cashier rang me up, and the total was $2.56.

Was that a letdown for you? Did you think I was going to say $4.44? Stick with me. There’s major significance here.

Every once in a while this number crosses my path. It’s my dad’s birthday – February of 1956. For the 26 years that I knew him, his license plates said WHIT256.

My dad just winked at me. Despite having a week-long cold, I feel great.


One of life’s little lovelies – the little things that have a big impact.

Numbers. That’s how I receive love winks. How about you?

ps: I’m hitting “publish” on this post at 2:56 central time. Coincidence? No way. Hi Dad!

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