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Making Time For Your “Some Day” Desires

Every single person reading this has responsibilities. Jobs, families, school work, pets, bills, and so on. Maybe you’re dealing with all of them or a combination thereof. Making time for your desires can be difficult. Too often we function with a work before play mindset. We do the work, but then leave out the play.

Remember the days when you were little? When, if you wanted to play ball after school you did? Or if you wanted to go on a bike ride, you did?

But what about now? When was the last time you did something because you felt like it? Because it sounded like fun. Or simply because you had the inkling to do it.

Have you done it yet? Or are you still just thinking about it? Thinking about “some day” and “when I have more time”.

Do you know what “some day” turns into? “I wish I would have when.”

The time is now. Working for ten minutes here and there counts. It might not be a chunk of time – still my preferred method, thank God for nap time – but it’s still utilizable time.

Finishing this installment during Miller’s nap.

A few months ago, Mark, Miller, and I went to Cracker Barrel. I saw a Raggedy Ann and Andy doll that brought back a flood of childhood memories. So much so that I wrote an installment about it.

Every time I rode in the passenger seat of the car that day, starting when we left Cracker Barrel, I wrote. When we went railroad track adventuring for Miller – driving over railroad tracks for the thrill of the bumps and the hope that we’ll be stopped by a train – I wrote. When we drove to Boo at the Zoo and back home again, I wrote.

Soaking wet quality family time at Boo at the Zoo.

I wasn’t set up in an office with peace and quiet and a blocked schedule. I wasn’t typing comfortably on a full-size keyboard; it was all thumbs on my phone. Even though I was with other people, I was still making time for me.

At home that evening, I spent under an hour editing, publishing, and sharing it. Mission accomplished. Fast forward three months and Positively Positive published it too. All of this because I maximized spare time to create in the first place.

Very rarely do I write an installment in one sitting. It’s usually a hodgepodge of twenty minutes here and 10 minutes there. That’s how I wrote, formatted, and published my ebook. It’s how I research new ways to market my blog, and it’s how I respond to emails and messages.


Whatever it is you want to do – complete that diy project, play the guitar, experiment with photography, read that book series – do it! The act adds meaning to your life.

If you’re bogged down with responsibility, these little pockets of time become beacons. They give you something to look forward to.

That’s been the biggest motivating factor for my blog – I both look forward to and enjoy doing it. I like the process, and I get satisfaction out of seeing a project completed (aka hitting “publish”). Plus it’s something that’s only me. I like that aspect of it too.


If you really want to do something, do it. You can’t add hours to the day, but you can make better use of minutes that become hours.

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Say no to idle scrolling or tv. Say yes to maximizing pockets of time.

When you have an extra ten minutes, get to work play. As those minutes accumulate, you’ll be amazed with your accomplishments.

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