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Mama’s Got A Job

I have big news – yes, about a job, for which I actually get to fill out paperwork for Uncle Sam – but first, allow me to give a little context.

When I began blogging, some assumed that I wanted to monetize the site. That was never the intent. This all started because I discovered I was able to express myself through writing. It felt important to do, so I did it. The blog felt more like a stepping stone, a way to develop a voice, hone a craft, and hopefully pick up some readers along the way.

Fast forward three years, and I still haven’t had a payout (I mean, don’t get me wrong, I welcome the opportunity…wink wink universe). What this space has done for me is open doors.

I’ve written a few bios for people, helped an applicant with post-graduate application essays, and released an ebook (no small feat).

A little over two years ago I started writing for the Decatur Magazine, an opportunity that became available in part because of all these installments – it’s a website full of writing samples!

I’ve typed articles in each of the pictured issues.

Most recently, I’ve accepted another position with the Decatur Magazine. I’ll be their next Contributing Editor. To say I’m excited (and a little terrified) is an understatement.

The whole process of getting offered a job, accepting a job, shadowing for it, etc… has opened my eyes to something. I’d always wanted to be a stay at home mom. Always. And I’m incredibly thankful that it became a reality for me. But my gosh did getting a title ever give me such a sense of self-worth. Of importance. Of recognition that I’m still capable of doing something outside the home.

In short, it’s given me a greater sense of purpose.

I am so glad that I took a chance on blogging when it was me and a then 1.5 year old spending every waking moment together. I’m glad that I did something for me – even if it meant using up nap time or setting an alarm to wake before him or getting frustrated when trying to complete an installment and take care of my boy at the same time.

Making this blog work takes work, and I’m glad I’ve put in the efforts.

Here comes the encouraging message, cause you know it’s what I do!…

If there’s something you’ve contemplated doing, do it. It’s not a matter of time or energy or whether you can or can’t. It’s a matter of willingness and whether you do or don’t.

Just do yourself a favor and don’t set expectations of fame and glory and big payouts. Go into it for you. For the simple yet profound reason of seeing something in yourself and choosing to honor it. To represent it. To say yeah, I’ll give you a platform.

If it tanks? You can quit. If you decide you don’t like it? You can quit.

Either way – if you stick with it or walk away – I guarantee that you’ll learn. And if you really pay attention, you’ll learn about yourself. Good will come of it, because, you know, #commodetojoy

In the instance of my blog, I’m happy to report a big Ode To Joy. I’m now an editor…and it’s all thanks to starting Commode To Joy.

Huge thanks to the folks at the Decatur Magazine for trusting me with such an honor. And also, thanks to Carly Jean Photography for the photos. Your skills have helped make this announcement extra special.

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  1. Congratulations! I am certain you will do a great job. Your positivity will be a huge asset in your new position. Congrats again!

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