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Maximizing a Momover

I have a pretty decent momover this morning. I slept well last night, but then my husband’s alarm at 5am…and then my husband in the shower getting ready for work…and then my alarm at 6:30am (snooze!)…and then a little hand patting my face, “Mooom-my.”

There are the hangovers from college – from hanging early into the morning with friends and booze – and then there are hangovers as a mom. A result of mommying hard day in and day without many breaks. It’s from all the togetherness that comes with being a stay at home mom. You know, when you’re over being a mom. That’s a momover. Fortunately, it’s sans throbbing temples and a fuzzy mouth.

I can handle it. Have enough of them and they not as big of a deal. What’s one day, right? But it does require a different approach to the day.

On a normal day, for instance, I have two children – Miller and my house. With a momover, forget the house. I’m not wasting energy making the bed or unloading the dishwasher. I will make food because we need to eat. I will put things away that are within arms reach. Beyond that? Forget it.

On a normal day, I also think about tasking. How can I be productive while mommying? Not with a momover. Forget it.

For me, one of the biggest culprits of being productive is running errands. Go to the store, buy the stuff, get the things all the while getting a kid in and out of a carseat and keeping him occupied enough so that you can finish in a somewhat timely fashion.

Errand running isn’t at all kid-centered. It’s mom-centered. You want to run up and down the aisle again?! Well I just want to grab the box of diapers and keep moving! “Okay,” I sigh. “You can one more time.”

So today, with this momover, no tidying and no tasking. Maybe we’ll go through the bank drive thru. I can cash a check and he can get a sucker. I’ll get to sit the whole time. Maybe we’ll head to Von Maur so he can play with a different train table and I can sit and stare off into space for a bit. Yeah, both of those sound great.

The trick to a momover is to not let it dictate your day negatively. Don’t get caught up in the “I’m so tired woe is me!” trap. Instead, use the momover to your advantage. It’s an opportunity to say no to all of the extras. The extras take energy, and energy is a precious commodity. Forget tidying. Forget tasking. Care for you and your child and that’s it. In other words, do the bare minimum.

Doing the bare minimum maximizes quality time. Now that’s a win win. And it’s all thanks? To having a momover.

Couch cuddles. I accept.

Couch cuddles? Yes please. (and a shoutout to that beautiful cup of coffee)

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