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No Bugs and Other Winter Wins

Winter used to be my least favorite month. Okay, technically, it still is. But this year, as we settle into a new year, I’m finding a whole new appreciation for the season.

1. The lake. That’s not a new discovery for me. After living through all of the seasons in our house just once, I decided Lake Decatur is at its prettiest in the winter, glassy and still. This is our ninth winter here, and I still find it true.

Lake Decatur

2. The geese. Miller’s first winter (three years ago), we spent many afternoons in the guest bedroom playing and watching/listening to flocks of geese over the lake. Every year since, when they make their return, I’m reminded of fond memories during thoseĀ short long days.

3. Crows. Ann odd addition, perhaps, and unexpected even for me. In the past few days, they’ve made their way back to our woods. Again, I flashback to Miller’s first winter. We were stationed in his bedroom playing when a huge flock landed in the treetops level with the windows. Miller watched a listened briefly; I did for many minutes, enjoying nature’s soundtrack to an otherwise ordinary afternoon.

4. Bald eagles. They aren’t back just yet. In the next few weeks, they’ll pay their usual afternoon visits to our trees lining the water. I never knew we had bald eagles in the area until I spotted one our first winter in this house. Turns out they come every year.


5. Sunsets. Winter days in the Midwest are dreary – gray, frozen, leafless, and still. Come late afternoon, bright colors interrupt the permacloud, streaking the sky and contradicting the world around it.

It’s interesting that all of my favorites are thanks to mother nature. Not the clothes, not warm drinks or fireplaces (though I do love the fireplaces), but nature. It turns out she offers much more than cold temps in the wintertime.

If you – like me – are generally winter averse, remember that even though germs are rampant duringĀ cold and flu season, bugs decline. I haven’t killed a spider in the house since Halloween. Now there’s another winter win right there.

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  1. That is the one joy of living in the frozen tundra, it kills the bugs before they can grow to monstrous proportions. My sister in Georgia has to have a pest control service out once a month to keep them in check!

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