Commode To Joy

finding happy in the crappy

Staying Afloat in This Sea of Life

It happened again yesterday. Something that was frequent as a young adult, but has lessened over time. I was in a situation where I felt emotionally unsafe, and all I wanted to do in response? Was go home and hang out with my son. He’s only two, so obviously, as a young adult, it wasn’t my son I was running to. Back in my college days, I wanted to retreat […]

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A Little “Operation Game” To Regain Center

For being full of grace and understanding toward others, I sure can be hard on myself. When I’m having an “off” day – caught up in thought (aka distracted), frazzled, irritated, or generally blah – in between sessions of bemoaning my humanness, I’ll spend my spare time beating myself up over it. It becomes a real sparring match between me and my snarky side, and it goes a little something […]

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Spell “Toddler” Using Two Letters. NO

“Do you want some cereal?” I asked as my son eyed my bowl of Crispix. “No.” He answered while grabbing a piece. His words and actions may seem contradictory, but are they? Clearly, yes, he wanted the cereal, but that’s not what he was saying no to. To me, his “no” was, “No mom, I don’t need you to offer the cereal to me in order for me to want […]

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The Birthday Riddle

“What do you want for your birthday?” It’s the great birthday riddle that is often countered with an even more puzzling response: “Oh, I don’t need anything.” If you’re wondering what to get someone for their birthday, maybe I can help. Spend some time with them, even if it’s sitting on the couch or taking a walk together. Time is of great value. Give them a card, or flowers, or […]

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