Commode To Joy

finding happy (even in the crappy)

Providing a Good Childhood

My son and I went to the park this morning. Not the usual park that is near our house, but one in which the swings are in complete shade. Underneath a towering tree, four regular swings hang next to two baby swings. Upon arrival, one of the baby swings was occupied by a girl older than Miller who was being pushed by her dad. I lifted Miller into the empty […]

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Finding Purpose. Finding Your Calling.

To the stay at home wife. To the stay at home parent who just sent their youngest to kindergarten. To the new empty nester or the newly retired. To anyone who has recently acquired huge amounts of time to spend freely. Maybe you’re left a little shocked thinking, “Now what? What do I do with all of this time? I don’t want to waste it. I want it to mean […]

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Being Positive While Being Real

At some point early in life I developed this habit of complaining about anything and everything. If something went “wrong” or happened in a less than perfect, efficient, helpful, productive manner, I would be sure to point out any and all errors, deficiencies, oversights, and incompetencies. I remember having a phone conversation with my dad when I was a senior in college. After coming up for air from a 5-minute […]

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Having a Widowed Parent

Part of having a widowed parent is going to their house not to relax, but to help. Replace old batteries, unload the dishwasher, kill spiders, hang pictures. Whatever it is that needs to be done? Do it. Take the time to help. But take heed. Helping from a duty-bound place of obligation or pity can lead to resentment. Resentment that you “have” to help. Resentment that you’re the kid filling […]

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5 Reasons to Vacation with Your Small Child

Vacationing with a small child is no easy feat. As if packing wasn’t hassle enough before having a kid, now you’re packing for another person. An infant, actually. And infants come with a lot of baggage. First are the clothes. Take extras, because you never know when junior will go vomitron or demonstrate the literal definition of a “shit storm”. Hint: Stay where washing machines and dryers are easily accessible […]

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