Commode To Joy

finding happy (even in the crappy)

Can You Believe What They Just Said?!

Jackasses abound, and you can’t control what comes out of their mouths. For once, I’m not speaking in metaphor. I’m talking about the person who made that upsetting comment to you. No matter how many books, blogs, and articles there are advising on what not to say to someone who is grieving, who has gotten a terrifying diagnosis, who can’t have children, and so on, jackass comments will continue to […]

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Introspection: Head Heart Gut

What do you listen to? Not who, but what? For me, it always comes back to trusting my gut. My head can get confused, wielding logic, reason, and calculating judgments when threatened. My heart can be compressed with unreleased emotion that clots my own feelings of well-being. My gut. That trusty anchor that, no matter how turbulent the waters are, remains steady. That’s what I tune into. When the airwaves […]

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Stressing and Stretching

Performance anxiety. The nerve of it. When I was a kid, it existed for less than a minute once I hit the stage, and then a confident calm would settle in and I would own my performance. I loved loved loved dancing and performing in equal measure. I started dancing again last year after having taken a major hiatus from the dance floor. I felt like a real badass for […]

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Unbridled Joy

I have this image in my mind of joy being a gorgeous horse with a long flowing mane. She flicks her tail in a “come and get me” way that is both daring and inviting. This joy can’t be bridled or saddled. You can’t harness her, for she is not meant to be steered. She’s not even meant to be tamed. She is meant to be trusted – to do […]

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Staying Afloat in This Sea of Life

It happened again yesterday. Something that was frequent as a young adult, but has lessened over time. I was in a situation where I felt emotionally unsafe, and all I wanted to do in response? Was go home and hang out with my son. He’s only two, so obviously, as a young adult, it wasn’t my son I was running to. Back in my college days, I wanted to retreat […]

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