Commode To Joy

finding happy (even in the crappy)

Toe Condoms

This morning I posted a picture of a construction paper flip flop that Miller made at school on Instagram. It’s cute, right? In the caption I referenced walking on easy street all day long, because that’s what it reminds me of. Well about that…

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Happy? Father’s Day.

I’m not in a great mood today. I’ve been irritable and short tempered, and my anxiety’s been a bit up.What this translates to as life unfolds is my dear husband can’t do a damn thing right today…on Father’s Day of all days. He’s probably thankful he’s stashed away at work.😬

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The Not-So-Dumb Blonde

I think I’m good looking. I’m not drop dead gorgeous or tall and leggy, and I don’t ooze sex appeal. But, I’m good looking and I’m small – two components the world has harmfully prescribed to females for a long time. A friendly disposition and blonde hair complete the walls of my societal pigeon hole.

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