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Podcast: “Time, Schedules, Stay at Home Myths and More!”

I recently had the opportunity to be the guest speaker on Jenny G. Perry’s podcast Goddess and Gab discussing “Time, Schedules, Stay at Home Myths and More!”.

An excerpt from the podcast:

“Time is completely universal. It’s applicable to us all. It’s constant. It’s steady whether you like it or not, for all ages and stages in life.

I remember being in high school in English class right after lunch about to fall asleep and wishing that time would just speed up a little bit.

…then there are other moments in life that are so wonderful that you wish time would just slow down for a little bit.

…there are other times in life that you wish you could rewind so that you could see a loved one one more time or experience something that was marvelous [again].

…other times you wish you could fast forward so that you could have the answers, so that you could see the outcome and know that it’s going to be okay.

I think it’s pretty cool that time is steady, that it is marching on. Otherwise we’d be all over the map.”

We recorded this podcast last Wednesday, the morning of Game 7 of the Cubs/Indians World Series. It’s released one week and one day later, today, in the aftermath of our most recent presidential election. Time. I’d like to rewind to feel the excitement that was in the air following the Cubs victory instead of the heaviness that’s in the air today. I’d like to fast forward to a time when we all know that it’s going to be okay. Time will get us there. It keeps marching forward, steady, onward. So will we.

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