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Shopping 101: Does It “Fit”?

I bought a $4 phone case today.

I started at a cellphone store that sold clear cases similar to my old one. It doesn’t fit my current phone, thus the search for a new one. I liked my old case. I liked that it was nondescript and non-bulky. I also liked that it was $2 from a CVS clearance bin, which is why I chose it.

Removing the clear case from the rack, I turned it over. $39.99. No way am I paying that, I thought as I told the store clerk I was going to keep looking elsewhere. While I wasn’t expecting the exact same bargain, I was certainly on the quest for a bargain. We left the store.

On our way through the mall, I noticed that the Macy’s was going out of business. “EVERYTHING MUST BE SOLD!” screamed from suspended entryway signs. Once inside, I saw it. The “accessory” sign on top of a display of phone cases. Jackpot.

There were two options left to fit my phone – stars and lemons. I left the choice to Miller. “Stars mommy stars!”

Flashback: A friend sent a birthday card to me this past week. She’s the brave type who buys blank cards because she can craft a handwritten note better than any premade sentiment. She referred to me as a “shooting star” in it – something I’d never been called before. It felt right; like a shooting star itself had just shot across the vast sky within.

“Stars it is,” I responded while grabbing the case.

The cashier rang up my purchase. After the 60% discount, my total came to $4.11. Yep.

Phone Case

So now I have a  phone case.

It looks nothing like what I’d pick out for myself. It’s far from nondescript. I think the flashiness might even be too much for my 10 year old niece. And? I love it. I love that it serves the purpose I was looking for. I love that my son helped me pick it out. I love that it reminds me of how a friend views me…of how I’m now viewing myself in an affirmation sort of way – I mean, please, who wants to walk around calling themself a lemon? And, I love that the price was most definitely right.

Not because I’m pinching pennies, but because I’m practical. Because I care less and less about brands and designers and more and more about what I like. And, oftentimes, what I like has very little to do with looks and more to do with “fit”.

Does it fit how I feel? Does it fit what I’m looking for, both practically and price point? Is it a fitting representation of me? In this case (forgive the pun), does it fit in my purse pocket? Simply put, does it “fit”?

Fit is a much better measuring stick than what ads say is in, what experts say are must haves, and what the masses are getting.

Whatever you’re purchasing – it doesn’t have to fit the “theys” of the world. It only has to fit you.

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