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Survival Mode (My Mini eBook) Is Here!

My first ever mini ebook, Survival Mode: A Nurturer’s Journey, is here!

It began in December of 2015 when I was stuck in a situation for several days that I couldn’t get out of; I could only wait it out. While waiting it out, I realized I was in the intangible yet oh-so-identifiable Survival Mode.

Once home, I opened my laptop and started writing about this place that so many of us have experienced. I thought it’d be a blog post that I’d crank out in an hour, but the words weren’t finished after an hour. Or after the next day. Or the next.

One year later – Jan 2017 – I finished writing Survival Mode. After many months of pitching it to publishers, I decided to reassess this project. I’ve formatted it into a mini ebook, and as of today, it’s available as a download for $3.

If you’ve ever been unhappy with your life. If you’ve ever wanted to temporarily escape it. Ever felt like something was missing. Like there must be something more… Survival Mode is for you.

(Also, Snarky is one of the main characters. If you’ve come to love that little voice that packs a punch, it’s in fine form in this book.)

For more information, and to purchase a copy, please click here.

I never would’ve guessed that writing would bring me to this point. I’m thrilled that it has, and I thank you for being here.


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